Kitchen Countertops – Material and Color Choices

Once the cabinets in your kitchen, the countertops are the most prominent area of any kitchen remodel, and as such, deserve careful consideration when you choose often the countertops for your kitchen. You have many choices in countertops, equally material and color.

Countertop Material Choices

Traditionally, Formica or laminate countertops were your only choice to get countertop material. Today you have many more choices for countertop content, both natural and manmade. Natural materials, such as granite, quartz, and hardwoods are very popular, and add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Granite, especially, offers visual interest and magnificence to your kitchen, and is one of the most popular countertop materials utilised today. It is very durable, easy to maintain, and will last a lifetime.

Quartz is extremely hard, non-porous, and very elegant. Hardwood countertops are certainly beautiful, do require a little more upkeep, and are more forgiving to help dishes if they are dropped on wood countertops, than granitic or quartz.

Manmade materials include laminates, Corian, tile, and concrete. Laminates are inexpensive and durable, though they are often scratched or burnt relatively easily.

Corian countertops can be extremely durable, more costly, and are an attempt to mimic a natural jewel look for a more affordable price. Tile has been used for centuries and is particularly popular choice in Europe and South American house designs. If one tile is damaged it can be taken away and replaced without having to replace the whole countertop.

Natural materials come in tile form also, and are a great compromise in the style and price. Concrete countertops have been more popular not long ago, but are losing their appeal, because of higher upkeep required and change of consumer taste.

For the eco-conscious purchaser, there are more choices of recycled materials being used in countertops. One common choice is recycled colored glass bits set in a polyresin matrix producing an Art Deco look that is colorful, sturdy, and earth-friendly.

Color Choices

Your choices of colors or behaviour for your countertops are virtually unlimited. You can create anything combination you want for your countertops and kitchen.

Natural components, by their very nature, have a variety of patterns from the natural material. It is this randomness, which makes them consequently appealing to many consumers. Granites, particularly come in a wide variety of hues, grains, and patterns which can vary greatly, even in precisely the same slab. While this randomness is appealing, it can offer a concern to the installer to make large countertops appear seamless. Just one solution to this is using granite tiles to control or emphasize the randomness, depending on your preference.

Manmade materials can be designed in any color or pattern that the manufacturer can imagine, and some. Tiles come in a wide variety of colors and you can create ana pattern that you wish.

In addition to the cost of the materials, you must consider the cost of installation of the material you choose for your kitchen design kitchen counter top. Most countertop installations are best left to the experts, for the reason that require special tools or knowledge for their proper installment. This is especially true for natural stone slab countertops and try and concrete countertops, because of the weight involved. For the do-it-yourselfer, ceramic tile countertops can be relatively easy to install, if you have a basic knowledge of to pick from installation.

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